Designed for 2-4 year olds. Class is taught on a rod floor, focusing on body awareness & control.
Our pre-school program is under new instruction!

Level 1
Forward Roll
Backward Roll
Bridge (from standing)
Bridge and Pull up
Bridge Kickover
Handstand to Back Bend (front limber)

Level 1.5
Must have All Level 1 Skills
Round Off with Rebound
Handstand Forward Roll
Front Walkover
Back Walkover
Back Handspring (stations)

Level 2
Must have ALL Level 1 and Level 1.5 Skills
Back Extension Roll
Front Handspring (2-footed landing)
Back Handspring (start throwing it alone but inconsistent or rough)

Level 3
Must have Level 2.5 Skills and below
Front Walkover/Front Handspring Connection
Jump Combination with Back Handspring Connection
Standing Back Handspring Series
Punch Front
Round Off Tuck
Round Off Back Handspring Tuck

Level 4
Standing Back Handspring Back Tuck
Standing Back Handspring Series to Back Tuck
Standing Tuck
Jump Combination with Back Handspring Back Tuck Connection
Round Off Back Handspring Layout
Round Off Layout

Level 5
Standing Back Handspring Series to a Layout
Punch Front Pass Combinations
Whip Back Pass Combinations
Full Twist (Knowledge of Standing, Standing Combination and Running)
Double Full Twist
Standing Full Twist

This class is designed to teach flexibility through stretching and exercises to create muscle memory for various body positions.

All-Star Stunt Prep Beginner
This class is only for female athletes who want to try out as a top girl. Working beginner skills: Step up drills, hang drills, thigh stand level body
positions, prep level elevator.

All-Star Stunt Prep Level 2 and 3
This is only for female athletes who want to try out to be a top girl. Level 2 (must be able to complete all Beginner Stunt Skills) Working:
Extensions, Half up prep & extension, Body positions prep level, Half up body positions prep level, barrel roll, straight cradle. Level 3 (must be
able to complete all level 2 skills) Straight up and Half up Body positions extended, Full up to prep and extended, Full arounds, Full down.

Registration Fee

$30 one child   

$50 per family

Month to Month
$60 Fee   

5 Month Contract
$50 Fee  

$40 Pre-School Fee

Sibling Discount / Extra Class Discount
$10 Off the second class

Prices subject to change.